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November 27, 2017

Women with little to no college experience at greater risk of sexual assault

Bill Axinn, Maura Bardos, and Brady West reported in their article, General population estimates of the association between college experience and the odds of forced intercourse, that forced intercourse in the United States is common and, while the rate has remained stable over the years, it varies by gender, age, race, and college experience. Axinn, Bardos, and West found the risk of rape for women with little to no college experience is significantly higher.

Bill Axinn told the University of Michigan News that he was deeply disturbed by the high rates of rape on campus, and, “When I thought through the processes and imagined it could be even worse off campus, I was disturbed that we’re paying so much attention to the on-campus issue and not giving enough attention to young people who are not fortunate enough to be enrolled in college.”

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