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January 16, 2018

Special Issue of Work, Aging, and Retirement devoted to Health and Retirement Study

In December, Gwenith G. Fisher (Colorado State University) and Lindsay H. Ryan (SRC) published 'Overview of the Health and Retirement Study (HRS) and Introduction to the Special Issue' in the Oxford journal Work, Aging and Retirement. This introduction article describes the HRS and highlights relevant research that utilizes this rich and complex dataset. It describes the background that led to the development of the HRS, and summarizes key aspects of the study, including its development, sampling, and methodology. It also identifies key strengths and important limitations of the study and provides advice to current and future HRS data users. It also summarizes the articles in the Special Issue (all of which use data from the HRS) and how they advance our knowledge and understanding of worker aging and retirement.

You may read the entire HRS-based edition, which includes contributions by SRC researchers Toni Antonucci, Kira Birditt, Sarah Burgard, Brooke Helppie-McFall, Jacqui Smith, and Robert Willis on the journal website.