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April 21, 2020

SRC Researchers and Population Association of American 2020 Annual Meeting

PAA 2020 Annual MeetingThe Population Association of America has cancelled its 2020 Annual Meeting. These papers would have been presented April 22-25 and some of them will be presented as part of a virtual conference.

Papers and/or presentations for canceled sessions may be available on the PAA Engage site if authors choose to upload them. Please log in with your PAA credentials to begin.

Poster: Linda Young-De Marco, Arland Thornton
Literacy Among American Indians: Levels and Trends 1900-1930, and Across Birth Cohorts 1800-1920
Poster Session: Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Inequality: Labor Force and Employment

Poster: Emily Treleaven, William Axinn
The Effects of Parental Migration on Children’s Health: The Relative Consequences of Migration Before and After Birth
Poster Session: Health and Mortality 2

Poster: Yang Zhang
Gender, Marital Transitions, and Mental Health in China
Poster Session: Health and Mortality 2

Heather Gatny, Jennifer Barber
Childbearing Desires, Intimate Relationships, and Heterosexual Intercourse During the Transition to Adulthood
Session: Adolescent Attitudes and Reproductive Behavior

Emily Treleaven
Women’s Education and the Relationship Between Access to Family Planning, Maternal and Child Health Services, and Birth Timing: Longitudinal Evidence From Nepal
Session: Spatial and Contextual Effects on Reproductive Health and Fertility

Emily Treleaven
Fatherhood, Children’s Characteristics, and Men’s International Migration
Session: Migration, Migrants, and Reproductive Health/Fertility

*Vicki Freedman
Time Use and Emotional Well-being of Family Caregivers: The Role of Dementia
Asynchronous Session: Families and Time Use, Friday, April 24, 10:15 AM-11:45 AM

*Vicki Freedman, Robert Schoeni (co-author)
The Strength of Older Parent-Adult Child Ties in Complex Families: Evidence From Time Use Diaries
Real Time Session chaired by Paula Fomby: Family Complexity and Diversity, Friday, April 24, 11:00 AM-12:00 PM

Paula Fomby
The Influence of Family Change and Parent-Child Relationship Quality on Young Adult Attitudes About Family Structure
Session: Parenting

Paula Fomby, Yang Zhang
Childhood Family Instability and Union Formation During Early Adulthood
Session: Union Formation

Christopher Monk, Colter Mitchell (co-authors)
Beyond Family-Level Adversities: Exploring the Developing Timing of Neighborhood Disadvantage Effects on the Brain
Session: Innovations in Conceptualizing and Measuring Relevant Childhood Contexts

Colter Mitchell (co-author)
Demographic and Developmental Patterns in Telomere Length Across Adolescence
Session: Biodemography, Health, and Mortality

Narayan Sastry
Reconciling Prospective and Retrospective Reports on Childhood Health Status
Session: Novel Data to Model Health Outcomes and Mortality

*Jeffrey Morenoff (co-author)
The Effects of Health and Inequalities in Resources on Aging in Place Among Older U.S. Homeowners
Asynchronous Session: Flash: Residential Mobility Processes and Impacts, Saturday, April 25, 11:15 AM-12:45 PM

Arland Thornton, Linda Young-De Marco (co-authors)
Does Religion Sort Like-Minded People Into Places? A Study of Religiosity, Migration, and Destinations in Nepal
Flash: Immigrants in New Destinations

Fabian Pfeffer
The Long-Term Effects of Financial Aid Policy: Debt and Well-being in Adulthood
Session: Debt and Inequality

Fabian Pfeffer (co-author)
Avoiding Material Hardship: The Buffer Function of Wealth
Session: Poverty Dynamics/Economic Instability

Sarah Burgard
Women’s Work-Family Histories and Cognitive Performance across Welfare State Contexts
Session: Global Perspectives on Aging Inequality

Joelle Abramowitz
New Insights on Self-employment of Older Adults in the United States
Session: Work and Retirement of Older Adults