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April 3, 2023

SRC Researchers at the 2023 Population Association of America Annual Meeting

Here is a schedule of SRC researchers at the 2023 Population Association of America Annual Meeting in New Orleans. All times are Central Daylight Time.

PAA 2023 Annual Meeting, April 12-15

Join fellow social science enthusiasts Thursday, April 13th from 6:45 to 8:00 pm for drinks and refreshments for a reception hosted by ISR Director Kate Cagney, ICPSR Director Maggie Levenstein, and PSC Director Sarah Burgard at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans, Room Imperial 5 D. Please RSVP.

Exhibitors include: Chitwan Valley Family Study (CVFS) (booth 103), Coordinating Center for the Centers on the Demography & Economics of Aging (booth 306), COVID Coordinating Center at ICPSR (booth 204), Health and Retirement Study (booth 100), National Health and Aging Trends Study (booth 206), and Panel Study of Income Dynamics (booth 101).

Wednesday, April 12

8:00-12:00, Chitwan Valley Family Study (CVFS) Workshop for New and Current Data Users, Hyatt Regency New Orleans

1:00-5:00, Panel Study of Income Dynamics Workshop for New and Prospective Users, Hyatt Regency New Orleans

Thursday, April 13

8:00-9:15, Emily Treleaven, Chair, Session: Measurement of Child Health and Mortality, Strand 4

8:00-9:15, Lindsay Kobayashi (Discussant), Session: Social Relationships and Cognitive Health, Strand 5

8:00-9:15, Lindsay Kobayashi, Family Availability and Cognitive Function Among Older Adults Aged 55+ in England and the United States, 2012–2018, Strand 5

8:30-10:00, Helen Meier, Colter Mitchell, Jessica Faul, Poster: Systemic Inflammation and Cognition Trajectory in the Health and Retirement Study, Elite Hall A

8:30-10:00, Sarah Patterson, Poster: Intergenerational Support Across the Life Course in the United States, Elite Hall A

9:30-10:45, Kenneth Langa (Discussant), Session: What Can We Learn About Environmental Factors and Aging and the Life Course From the International Family of Health and Retirement Studies (HRS) and Harmonized Cognitive Assessment Protocol (HCAP), Strand 10 B

9:30-10:45, Margaret Hicken, Air Pollution, Social Exposures, and Racial Inequities in Aging in the HRS, Strand 10 B

11:00-12:15, Kate Cagney (Chair) and Kate Duchowny (Discussant), Session: Community, Place, and Social Connectedness in Later Life, Strand 11 B

11:00-12:15, Narayan Sastry (Chair), Innovations in Federal Data Collection and Access, Strand 10 A

11:00-12:15, William Axinn, Brady West, and Heather Schroeder, Forced Intercourse in America: A Pandemic Update, Strand 11 A

11:00-12:15, Jake Hays (Discussant), Childhood Conditions and Adult Achievement, Strand 4

11:00-12:15, Catalina Anampa Castro, Robert Manduca, Social Insurance Programs as Place-Conscious Policies to Reduce Interregional Geographic Inequality, Strand 13 A

11:00-12:15, Lindsay Kobayashi, Discussant, Immigration and Life Course, Strand 3

11:00-12:15, Pablo Mitnik, The Intergenerational Transmission of Relative-Income Advantages in the United States: Reassessing the Current View, Strand 13 B

11:00-12:15, Sarah Patterson (Chair), Session: Intergenerational Support and Family Transfers, Strand 1

2:00-3:15, Arland Thornton, The Influence of Developmental Idealism on Intention of Turkish Parents to Continue Childbearing, Bolden 1

2:00-3:15, Lindsay Kobayashi (Discussant), Session: Sensory, Cognitive, and Physical Health, Bolden 5

2:00-3:15, Maggie Hicken (Chair & Discussant), Session: Grace Noppert (Discussant), Pollutants, Pesticides, and Toxins and Late-Life Health and Mortality, Strand 11 B

3:30-4:45, Sarah Patterson (Discussant), Session: Unmet Care Needs of Older Adults, Strand 1

3:30-4:45, Emily Treleaven, Continuity and Change in Polygyny Patterns in Sub-Saharan Africa, 1985–2020, Strand 12 A

3:30-4:45, Lindsay Kobayashi (Chair), Session: Language, Literacy, and Health, Strand 7

5:00-6:30, Dirgha Ghimire, Poster: How Does Heterogeneity in Social and Informational Capital Affect Nepali Farmer Climate Risk Management?, Elite Hall A

Friday April 14

8:00-9:15, Emily Treleaven (Chair) Session: Racial, Ethnic, and Gender Disparities in Child Outcomes, Strand 8

8:30-10:00, Joe LaBriola, Poster: Housing Affordability, Parental Wealth, and the Transition to Homeownership, Elite Hall A

9:30-10:445, Erin Ware (Chair) and Grace Noppert (Discussant), Session: Biological Aging Consequences of Life Course Exposures, Strand 11 A

9:30-10:445, Grace Noppert, The Association Between Experiencing Traumatic Environments and Advanced Immune Aging, Strand 11 A

9:30-10:45, Hwajung Choi, Toni Antonucci, Employment Costs of a Parent’s Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias: Gender, Education, and the Adult Children Most Affected, Strand 12 A

9:30-10:45, Sarah Patterson and Vicki Freedman, Demographic Drivers of Differences in Family Structure Among Older Adults With and Without Dementia, Strand 12 A

10:30-12:00, Ken Langa, Poster: Are Retrospective Questions About Memory Problems a Fool’s Errand? An Economic Analysis, Elite Hall A

1:00-2:30, Lindsay Kobayashi, Poster: Changes in Socioeconomic Status Trajectories Before and After HIV Diagnosis: A Longitudinal Analysis During ART Expansion in South Africa, Elite Hall A

1:00-2:30, Jake Hays, Family Structure Change and Children’s Household Wealth Trajectories, Elite Hall A

3:00-4:15, Michael Elliott, A Synthetic Cohort to Study Obesity From Childhood to Mid-Adulthood: A Matching Approach of Two Nationally Representative Cohorts in the United States, Strand 8

3:00-4:15, Lindsay Kobayashi, The Impact of a Randomized Cash Transfer Intervention on Mortality of Adult Household Members in Rural South Africa, 2011–2022, Bolden 6

3:00-4:15, Dirgha Ghimire, The Dynamic Relationship Between Migration, Family Planning, and Fertility in Nepal, Empire C

Saturday, April 15

9:00-10:15, Lindsay Kobayashi, Midlife Employment Trajectories and Later-Life Cognitive Function in Rural South Africa, 2000–2015, Strand 10 B

9:00-10:15, Luke Shaefer, The Effects of the 2021 Child Tax Credit on Anxiety and Depression Among Families With Low Income, Bolden 6

9:00-10:15, William Axinn and Brady West, Pandemic Changes in U.S. Contraceptive Use: Nationally Representative Fertility Measures and Contraceptive Use Calendars, Bolden 4

10:30-11:45, Ken Langa (Chair), Session: Cognitive Health in Comparative Perspective, Strand 10 B

10:30-11:45, Kate Cagney, Keeping us Young? Grandchild Caregiving and Older Adults’ Cognitive Functioning, 1998–2016, Strand 10 B

10:30-11:45, Erin Ware (Chair), Session: Social Context and Biological Aging, Strand 11 A

10:30-11:45, Sarah Burgard, Differences Between Retrospectively and Prospectively Reported Life History Information and Implications for Analyses of Population Health Outcomes, Empire C

10:30-11:45, Noura Insolera, Chronic Food Insecurity in Families With Children, Strand 13 B

12:00-1:15, Ken Langa, David Weir, and Lindsay Kobayashi, Educational Gradients in Cognitive Function Among Older Adults in High- and Middle-Income Countries: Evidence From Harmonized Cognitive Assessment Protocol Data, Strand 10 B