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August 27, 2018

IVEware and Multiple Imputation in Practice

By: Patricia Berglund

Description of IVEware

IVEware logoIVEware is a collection of routines written under various platforms and packaged to perform multiple imputations, variance estimation and, in general, draw inferences from incomplete data. The software can also be used to perform analysis without any missing data. IVEware defaults to assuming a simple random sample, but uses the Jackknife Repeated Replication or Taylor Series Linearization techniques for analyzing data from complex surveys.

The latest version is 0.3 but previous versions of 0.1 and 0.2 are still available for download from Version 0.1 is a command based tool while 0.2 provides a GUI interface.

Overview of 'Multiple Imputation in Practice: With Examples Using IVEware'

Multiple Imputation in Practice: With Examples Using IVEware provides practical guidance on multiple imputation analysis, from simple to complex problems using real and simulated data sets. Data sets from cross-sectional, retrospective, prospective and longitudinal studies, randomized clinical trials, complex sample surveys are used to illustrate both simple, and complex analyses.

Version 0.3 of IVEware, the software developed by the University of Michigan, is used to illustrate analyses. IVEware can multiply impute missing values, analyze multiply imputed data sets, incorporate complex sample design features, and be used for other statistical analyses framed as missing data problems. IVEware can be used under Windows, Linux, and Mac, and with software packages like SAS, SPSS, Stata, and R, or as a stand-alone tool.

The data sets for the examples and exercises and the example code files are available to download. The figures, many of which are reproduced in color, are also available.

Order the book at CRC Press or Amazon.