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May 15, 2019

SRC Researchers at 2019 American Association for Public Opinion Research Annual Conference & International Field Directors and Technologies Conference

AAPOR-Association for Public Opinion Research
SRC faculty, staff and student papers and posters at the 2019 AAPOR Annual Conference. The 2019 International Field Directors and Technologies Conference (IFD&TC) immediately follows, May 19-22 and the schedule of SRC presenters is further down this page.

Thursday, May 16

8:00-11:30, James Wagner, Short Course: Adaptive Survey Design, Civic Ballroom North
4:30-6:00, Fred Conrad (Co-Author), Optimizing Definitions for Online Surveys, Civic Ballroom North
4:30-6:00, Mengyao Hu (Presenter), Roberto Melipillan (Co-Author), Jacqui Smith (Co-Author), Evaluating item nonresponse in life history calendar: An analysis of memory effects, Civic Ballroom North
4:30-6:00, Mick Couper (Co-Author), On-device and off-device multitasking in web surveys, Civic Ballroom North
4:30-6:00, Micha Fischer (Presenter), Imputation of Missing Data in High-Dimensional Data Sets – A Model Selection Approach, Willow Center-West
4:30-6:00, Raphael Nishimura (Presenter), Adapting an Optimal Call Scheduling Strategy for Single-Frame Cell Phone Surveys, Pine

Friday, May 17

8:00-9:30, Katherine Blackburn, AAPOR’s Got Talent Finalist, Improving Data Quality for Web Surveys in Real Time Through Predictive Modeling Using Paradata, Grand Ballroom
8:00-9:30, Zeina Mneimneh (Presenter), Yixi Li (Co-Author), Interviewer's Role in Achieving Interview Privacy and its Effect on Reporting, Willow East
10:00-11:30, Michael Elliott (Presenter), Ali Rafei (Co-Author), Big Data for Finite Population Inference: Calibrating pseudo-weights based on estimated control totals using the General Regression Estimator, Willow Center-West
10:00-11:30, Li (Charley) Jiang (Presenter), Steven Heeringa, Trivellore Raghunathan (Co-Authors), Telephone Surveys' Transition from Landline to Dual-frame to Cell Phone RDD Samples, Dominion South
10:00-11:30, Mick Couper (Co-Author), Effects of Contact Mode on Participation in a Web Survey of Establishments, Civic Ballroom North
10:00-11:30, Sunghee Lee (Presenter), Chen Chen , Ai Rene Ong , Michael Elliott (Co-Authors), Evaluation of Respondent Driven Sampling for a Web Survey of Racial/Ethnic Minorities, Willow East
1:45-3:15, Fred Conrad (Presenter), Social Media as an Alternative to Surveys of Opinions about the Economy, City Hall
1:45-3:15, Fred Conrad (Co-Author), Tracking Presidential Approval with Twitter: A Critical Comparison of Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Analyses, City Hall
3:15, Poster Session 2, Katherine Blackburn, Respondent Characteristics and Best Time to Establish Contact on Cellphones, Sheraton Hall/Osgoode
3:15, Poster Session 2, Raphael Nishimura, A Comparison of Turnout Model and Likely-Voter Model Methods in Registration-Based Surveys, Sheraton Hall/Osgoode
4:15-5:45, Brady West, Roderick Little, and Fernanda Alvarado-Leiton (Co-Authors), Measures of Selection Bias for Proportions Estimated from Non-Probability Samples, Willow East

Saturday, May 18

8:00-9:30, Jeffrey Morenoff (Co-Author), The Detroit Metropolitan Area Communities Study (DMACS), Provincial North
10:00-11:30, Fred Conrad (Presenter), Emergent Issues in the Combined Collection of Self-Reports and Sensor Data on Smartphones, Birchwood
10:00-11:30, James Wagner (Presenter), Wen Chang and Heidi Guyer (Co-Authors), Using an Initial Targeted Mailed Survey to Determine Household Eligibility in a Face-to-Face Survey, Dominion North
10:00-11:30, Sunghee Lee (Presenter), Fernanda Alvarado-Leiton (Co-Author), Regular o Pasable: Improving Measurement Properties of Self-Rated Health for U.S. Latinos through Alternative Translation, Pine
10:00-11:30, Colleen McClain, Assessing the link between attitudes toward research and survey response, Provincial North
1:45-3:15, Zeina Mneimneh (Presenter), Colleen McClain and Trivellore Raghunathan (Co-Authors), Evaluating Survey Consent to Social Media Linkage, City Hall
1:45-3:15, Colleen McClain (Presenter), Strategies for survey decision making: Linked data in a self-administered context, City Hall
1:45-3:15, Mick Couper (Co-Author), How Do Respondents Decide Whether to Consent to Data Linkage?, Willow East
3:30-5:00, Brady West (Presenter), James Wagner and Michael Elliott (Co-Authors), Formulating Prior Information for Bayesian Approaches to Responsive Survey Design, Dominion North
3:30-5:00, Mengyao Hu (Presenter), Brady West (Co-Author), Response patterns in a multi-day diary survey: implications for adaptive survey design, Dominion North

Sunday, May 19

11:05-12:35, Ali Rafei (Presenter), Sunghee Lee (Co-Author), Improving Rotation Group Bias in the Current Population Survey using a modified Hidden Markov Model, Willow Center-West
12:35, WAPOR Poster Session, Peter Larson (Presenter), Dilemmas of Survey workers’ experiences using digital data collection methods in public health field surveys in Kenya: results from a health and demographic surveillance system in the Lake Victoria Region, Mountbatten Lane

IFD&TC takes place Sunday, May 19 through Wednesday, May 22, just after AAPOR


IFD&TC-International Field Directors and Technologies Conference

Sunday, May 19

4:00-5:15, Margaret Hudson (Facilitator), Roundtable Discussion: Speed Networking, Tom Thomson

Monday, May 20

10:45-12:00, Yu-chieh (Jay) Lin (Presenter), Cultural Considerations in Survey Research, Carmichael
10:45-12:00, Daniel Tomlin, (Presenter), Operationalizing a Limited Effort Protocol and Call in Experiment on HRS 2018, Toronto II/III
10:45-12:00, Cheng Zhou (Presenter), Gina Cheung (Co-author), A New Coding Application, Jackson
1:30-2:45, Gina Cheung (Session Facilitator), Center Management and Staff Training: Large Studies, Toronto II
1:30-2:45, Gina Cheung (Presenter), Yu-chieh (Jay) Lin (Co-Author), Managing Field Work for Improving Data Collection in a Large Scale Study: Experiences of the Malaysia Ageing and Retirement Survey, Toronto II
1:30-2:45, Peter Batra (Session Facilitator), Survey Methodology: Recruitment with Special Populations, Carmichael
3:15-4:30, Heidi Guyer (Session Facilitator), Survey Methodology: Fast-Paced Lightning Review of Data Collection Strategies to Improve Response Rates, Tom Thomson
3:15-4:30, Peter Batra (Presenter), Using Organization Member Lists in Web Surveys to Increase Sample Size, Tom Thomson
3:15-4:30, Cheng Zhou (Presenter), Transforming Survey Paradata for Quality Control, Jackson

Tuesday, May 21

9:00-10:15, Heidi Guyer (Facilitator), Fred Conrad (Invited Address), Field Tech (Soft Tech), Toronto III
10:45-12:00, Ryan Yoder (Presenter), Heather Schroeder (Co-Author), Item Missing Data: Prompting Essential Questions, Tom Thomson
10:45-12:00, Heidi Guyer (Presenter), Assessing Employee Satisfaction and Intention to Leave among Centralized & Decentralized Interviewers, Carmichael
1:30-2:45, Carlos Macuada (Presenter), Using Text Analysis to Recruit Qualified and High-Performing Candidates, Carmichael
1:30-2:45, Kallan Larsen (Panelist), Panel Discussion: Technical Challenges and Solutions in Center Management, Jackson
3:15-4:30, Peter Batra (Presenter), Using Social Media to Contact Non-Responders in a Longitudinal Study, Toronto II
3:15-4:30, Kallan Larsen (Presenter), Andrew Hupp (Co-Author), Considerations When Conducting Video-Mediated Survey Interviews, Carmichael
4:45-6:00, Gina Cheung (Session Facilitator), Tech Talk, Varley

Wednesday, May 22

9:00-10:15, Leah Roberts (Presenter), Measuring Interviewer Impact In Mixed-Mode Surveys, Tom Thomson
9:00-10:15, Yu-chieh (Jay) Lin (Presenter), How to Improve the Quality Control Assessment Process and its Efficiency: Lessons Learned from a Data-Driven Approach, Carmichael