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April 27, 2023

SRC Researchers at the 2023 American Association for Public Opinion Research Annual Conference

Here is a list of SRC Researchers at the 2023 American Association for Public Opinion Research Annual Conference, chaired by Brady West, in Philadelphia, PA.

AAPOR 78th Annual Conference, May 10-12, 2023, Philadelphia Marriott Downtown #aapor23

Exhibitors include Michigan Program in Survey and Data Science in booth 412.

Tuesday, May 9

2:00-5:30, Sunghee Lee (instructor), Short Course: Respondent-Driven Sampling: Overview and Practical Tools, Room 407

Wednesday, May 10

9:30-11:00, Brady West (moderator), Panel: Improved Statistical Methods for Public Opinion Research, Room 411

10:00-10:15, Raphael Nishimura (presenting author), Brady West, The Implications of Weighting Adjustments for Sampling Variance Estimates, Room 411

1:45-3:15, Lisa Lewandowski-Romps (presenter), Professional Development Roundtable: Protecting Respondents and Interviewers during Sensitive Topics Research, Room 413

2:30-2:45, Andrew Hupp (presenting author), Heather Schroeder, Eva Leissou, Brady West, The Impact of QR Codes on Recruitment and Data Quality for a Web Screener, Room 408

2:30-2:45, Christopher Antoun (presenting author), Rosalynn Yang, Brady West, Jennifer Sinibaldi, Evaluating Smartphone Survey Apps and Modular Design, Room 408

2:45-3:00, Sunghee Lee (presenting author), Nia Holland, Aaron Nesbitt, Anqi Liu, Yang Yu, Karen Gates, Effect of Question Reader’s Sex on Substance Use and Mental Health Reports in an Audio Computer-Assisted Self-Interview (A-CASI) Survey, Room: Franklin 9

Thursday, May 11

8:00-8:20, Brady West (presenting author), Sean McCabe (presenting collaborator), Yajuan Si, The Use of Weights When Fitting Trajectory Models to Longitudinal Survey Data: A Simulation Study with Applications to Substance Use and Misuse Research, Room: Franklin 10

10:30-10:45, James Wagner, Brady West, Brian Kim, Deji Suolang (presenting author), Curtiss Engstrom, Jennifer Sinibaldi, How Different Modeling Choices Impact the Performance of Stopping Rules in a Longitudinal Study, Room 414

10:45-11:05, Marco Angrisani (presenting author), Ritika Chaturvedi (presenting collaborator), Mick Couper, Collecting Person-Generated Health Data in a Population-Representative Panel, Room 408

10:45-11:00, James Wagner, Xinyu Zhang, Using Predictions of Survey Outcome Variables to Monitor Survey Data Collection, Room 414

4:30-6:00, Raphael Nishimura (moderator), Panel: Novel Approaches for Combining Survey and Auxiliary Data, Room 411

4:45-5:05, Priyanjali Bukke (presenting author), Jessica Faul (presenting collaborator), Martin Slawski, Brady West, Improved Contingency Table Analysis in the Case of Record Linkage with Mismatch Errors, Room 411

5:00-5:15, Brady West (presenting author), Understanding Response Patterns in a One-Week Diary Survey of Food Acquisition and Purchasing, Room 406

Friday, May 12

8:00-8:10, Htay-Wah Saw (presenting author), Brady West, Mick Couper, William Axinn, What Predicts Willingness to Participate in a Panel Study Among Respondents to a National Web/Mail Survey?, Room 408

8:50-9:05, Shiyu Zhang (presenting author), Brady West, James Wagner, Mick Couper, Rebecca Gatward, William Axinn, Visible Cash, a Second Incentive, and Priority Mail? an Experimental Evaluation of Mailing Strategies for a Screening Questionnaire in a National Push-to-Web/Mail Survey, Room 410

10:00-10:20, Mahmoud Elkasabi (presenting author), Tuba Suzer Gurtekin, A Framework for Sample Size Calculations in Panel Surveys to Measure Net and Gross Changes, Room 404

10:15-10:30, Mengyao Hu (presenting author), Tian Qin, Song Wang, Yi Lu Murphey, Richard Gonzalez, Vicki Freedman, Laura Zahodne, Exploring the Use of Machine Learning to Automate the Coding of the Clock-Drawing Test, Room 411

10:45-11:00, Mao Li (presenting author), Tracking Census Online Self-Completion Using Twitter Posts, Room 411

10:45-11:00, Clifford Young (presenting author), Chris Jackson, Annaleise Lohr, Raphael Nishimura,Christopher Garman, Learning from the Past: Using Stated Past Vote to Correct for Nonresponse in Election Surveys, Room: Franklin 8

10:50-11:05, Stephanie Morales (presenting author), Sunghee Lee, Elizabeth Vasquez, Frederick Conrad, Assessing Cross-Cultural Comparability of Self-Rated Health and Its Conceptualization through Web Probing, Room 414

11:05-11:20, Nia Holland (presenting author), Sunghee Lee, Yang Yu, Peer Recruitment Patterns in a Respondent Driven Sampling Study of Persons Who Inject Drugs in the Era of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Room 404

2:15-2:30, Abdelaziz Adawe (presenting author), Brady West, Latent Class Analysis of Post-Survey Interviewer Observations and Survey Data Quality: The Case of the Health and Retirement Study, Room 411

3:45-4:00, Frederick Conrad (presenting author), Mao Li, Johann Gagnon-Bartsch, Michael Schober, Robin Ferg, Rebecca Dolgin, Paul Beatty, Uncovering Alignment between Survey Responses and Social Media By Detecting the Stance Expressed in Posts, Room 411

4:00-4:15, Sunghee Lee (presenting author), Stephanie Morales, Maria Fernanda Alvarado-Leiton, Rachel E. Davis, Wenshan Yu, Response Styles and Cross-Cultural Comparability of the Satisfaction with Life Scale through Randomized Experiments, Room 414