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May 10, 2024

SRC Researchers at the 2024 American Association for Public Opinion Research Annual Conference

Here is a list of SRC Researchers at the 2024 American Association for Public Opinion Research Annual Conference in Atlanta, GA.

2024 American Association for Public Opinion Research Annual Conference

Exhibitors include include Michigan Program in Survey and Data Science in booth 212.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024
2:00-5:00, James Wagner (organizer, chair). Idea Group – Survey Costs: What do we know and what can we measure? Room 221.

Wednesday, May 15, 2024
10:15-11:45, Brady West (presenting author), Curtiss Engstrom, Rona Fang-Yu Hu, Ty S Schepis, Sean McCabe, Rebecca Evans-Polce. Are the Effects of Different Approaches to Measuring Sexual Identity on Estimated Differences in Health Outcomes between Sexual Identity Subgroups Moderated By State-Level Policy Environments for the Protection of Sexual Minorities? Room 219.

1:30-2:30, Rona Fang-Yu Hu (presenting author). Brady West. Poster: The Effects of Alternative Approaches to Measuring Sexual Identity on the Relationships of Sexual Identity with Biological Indicators. Salon.

2:30-4:00, Brady West (moderator). Paper session: Gender and Sexual Identities: Trends and Measurement. Room 220.

2:30-4:00, Sunghee Lee (presenting author). Improving Reproducibility of Respondent Driven Sampling through Design Adaptations. Room 221.

4:15-5:45, Michael Elliott (presenting author), Stephanie Coffey. Optimizing Data Collection Interventions to Balance Cost and Quality in a Sequential Multimode Survey. Room 208/209.

4:15-5:45, James Wagner (presenting author), Andy Peytchev, Xinyu Zhang. Evaluation of Competing Modeling Strategies to Inform Responsive and Adaptive Survey Designs. Room 208/209.

4:15-5:45, Andrew Hupp (presenting author), David Howell, Lauren Guggenheim. Investigating Participation in Live Video Interviews. Room 210/211.

4:15-5:45, Deji Suolang (presenting author), Jiazhi Yang, Elina Page, Lauren Miller, Joseph Rodhouse, Yajuan Si, Brady West. Addressing Nonresponse in Multi-Day Diary Surveys: Weighting Adjustment and Multiple Imputation. Room 219.

4:15-5:45, Mao Li (presenting author), Fred Conrad, Johann Gagnon-Bartsch, Michael Schober, Rebecca Dolgin, Erik Zhou, Peilin Chen, Paul Beatty. Capturing Public Opinion By Automatically Summarizing Social Media Posts. Room 222.

4:15-5:45, Michael Schober (presenting author), Johann Gagnon-Bartsch, Fred Conrad, Rebecca Dolgin, Mao Li, Erik Zhou, Peilin Chen, Paul Beatty. What Social Media May Reveal That Focus Groups May Not. Room 222.

4:15-5:45, Lisa Singh (presenting author), Yanchen Wang, Nathan Wycoff, Le Bao, Josh Pasek, Ceren Budak, Michael Jackson, Jessica Stapleton, Cameron McPhee, Michael Traugott, Trivellore Raghunathan. Bridging Survey and Social Media Data: Understanding the Sources of Differences. Room 222.

Thursday, May 16, 2024
8:00-9:30, Jonathan Mendelson (presenting author), Michael Elliott. Optimal Allocation Under Anticipated Nonresponse. Room 219.

10:30-12:00, Tuba Suzer-Gurtekin (presenting author). Adaptation of Range Reporting in Push-to-Web Surveys. Room 216.

10:30-12:00, Yongchao Ma (presenting author). Leveraging Survey Variables to Estimate Response Propensity in Bayesian Adaptive Survey Design: A Simulation Study. Room 218.

10:30-12:00, Wenshan Yu (presenting author), Michael Elliott, Trivellore Raghunathan. Detecting Mode Effects in Non-Randomized Mixed-Mode Designs in a Longitudinal Setting. Room 220.

10:30-12:00, Brady West (presenting author), Martin Slawski, Emanuel Ben-David. Improved Ensemble Predictive Modeling Techniques for Linked Social Media and Survey Data Sets Subject to Mismatch Error. Room 220.

1:45-3:15, Htay-Wah Saw (presenting author). Evaluating the Impact of Three Incentive Schemes on Survey Response and Attrition in Online Longitudinal Panels. Room 218.

3:30-4:30. Raphael Nishimura (presenting author). Poster: Sampling Strategies to Select a Sample of Older Middle Eastern North African Americans in Metro-Detroit Area. Salon.

Friday, May 17, 2024
8:00-9:30, Fred Conrad (presenting author), Andrew Hupp, Christopher Antoun, H. Yanna Yan, Michael Schober, Makenna Harrison. Text Messaging As a Survey Interview Mode: A Deeper Look. Room 204/205.

8:00-9:30, Deji Suolang (moderator). Paper session: Innovations in Statistical Methods for Quality Improvement. Room 222.

8:00-9:30, Sunghee Lee (presenting author), Kaidar Nurumov. Utility of Byproducts of Respondent Driven Sampling As Social Network Measures. Room 222.

8:00-9:30, Rebecca Andridge, Brady West. Using an Index of Non-Ignorable Selection Bias (MUBP) to Evaluate and Compare Probability-Based and Opt-in Online Samples. Room 222.

9:45-11:15, Sihle Khanyile (presenting author), Shiyu Zhang, Brady West, William Axinn. Mode Effects on Regression Coefficients Capturing Subgroup Differences: Comparing Regression Models across the Web-Based American Family Health Study and the Face-to-Face National Survey of Family Growth. Room 204/205.

9:45-11:15, Tuba Suzer-Gurtekin, Mahmoud Elkasabi, Bozhou Tan. A Comparative Study of ABS Web-Push, Web, and RDD Cell Telephone Surveys in Measuring Consumer Expectations. Room 204/205.

9:45-11:15, Mengyao Hu (presenting author), Vicki A. Freedman, Justin Kamens, Shawn McCloskey. Implications of Mode Effects When Changing to a Mixed-Mode (Web/Phone) Design: Variation By Question Characteristics. Room 204/205.

9:45-11:15, Heather M. Schroeder, Mary Beth Ofstedal, Brady West. Assessing the Heterogeneity of Mode Effects on Data Quality and Response Distributions across Socio-Demographic Subgroups in a Mixed-Mode Panel Study. Room 204/205.

9:45-11:15, Stephanie Morales (presenting author), Kaidar Nurumov (presenting author), Sunghee Lee. Latino’s Conceptualization of Health and Self-Rated Health. Room 217.

9:45-11:15, Jan Karem Höhne (presenting author), Fred Conrad, Cornelia Neuert, Joshua Claassen. Exploring Effects of Life-like Virtual Interviewers on Respondents’ Answers in a Smartphone Survey. Room 221.

9:45-11:15, Jan Karem Höhne (presenting author), Melanie Revilla, Mick Couper. Respondent-Centered Incentives: Increasing Answer Provision and Data Quality When It Comes to Voice Answers to Open Questions. Room 221.

9:45-11:15, Sol Rabine (presenting author), Sunghee Lee, Kaidar Nurumov. Effect of Question Reader’s Sex on Substance Use, Preventive Health Behaviors and Mental Health Reports in an Audio Computer-Assisted Self-Interview Survey. Room 221.

2:00-3:30, Trent D Buskirk (presenting author), Fred Conrad. Refitting the Fit for Purpose Framework for New and Emerging Data Sources. Room 217.

3:45-5:15, Chendi Zhao (presenting author), Sunghee Lee, Brady West, Raphael Nishimura, and Paul Burton. Utility of Commercial Data for Sampling Population Subgroups: A Case of Health and Retirement Study. Room 218.

3:45-5:15, Fernanda Fernanda Alvarado-Leiton (presenting author), Sunghee Lee, Rachel E Davis. Agree/Disagree Response Order and Acquiescent Response Style across Hispanics in the U.S., Hispanics in Mexico, and Non-Hispanic Whites. Room 222.

4:15-5:45. Yongchao Ma (presenting author), Brady West, Sean McCabe. Daily Web Survey Data Collection to Improve Health: Temporal Dynamics of Cannabis Use Motives and Context, with Implications for Adaptive Interventions. Room 217.